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About Us
Acoustic began it's journey back in 1990 when Jason Garrett, a graduate of Murrell Dobbins High school in Philadelphia, met Mark Davis of Northeast High through a mutual friend. They formed a quartet who called themselves "Acoustic." They named themselves "Acoustic" based  upon the echoes they would hear as they crooned in the subway tunnels of the Philadelphia subway system. As the young men would sing their hearts out, many onlookers would gather. They even performed for Patti LaBelle & Michael Bivins.
Through the years, "Acoustic" has changed many members, but "the sound" has remained the same. The two original members-- Jason Garrett and Mark Davis Jr.- have joined forces with two of Philadelphia's premier vocalists - Ms. Shontelle Yancey and Mr. Kyle Brothers. Separately, both Kyle and Shontelle have been crooning the Philadelphia scene for years. Together, they form one of the most exciting musical experiences to come out of Philadelphia, PERIOD!
Acoustic wants to thank all their fans as well as all who come out to support them, including personal friends and family.
We can't forget Acoustic's Musicians: Big Wesley Whitaker (Bass);  Stan Williams (lead guitar),   William Raven (keys) Colt Younger (Keys)  Reggie "Reds" (Drums)
Together, they complete the sound that is "ACOUSTIC."

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